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Social Style® Training

TRACOM® Group – “The Social Intelligence Company”

Patrick D. Walls, B.A., M.Ed.
Renae Clarkson, B.A.

*Certified Facilitator/Instructor for Social Style (TRACOM)

The World’s Most Effective Interpersonal Skills Program

Increase leadership performance, improve management and employee engagement, impact team effectiveness, resolve conflict or build a high-performance sales culture. SOCIAL STYLE – the world’s most effective interpersonal skills model – is proven to improve the Versatility and performance of your organization’s most essential asset – your people!

Why Understanding SOCIAL STYLE is the Key to Success!

Of the three core elements of Social Intelligence, your SOCIAL STYLE, often known as your Behavioral Style, is the easiest for others to observe and interpret. Colleagues and friends can tell if you’re animated, rushed or withdrawn. The way you behave has a direct impact on your interactions with others and on your success in the workplace. We’re judged on our behaviors.

SOCIAL STYLE improves organizational performance by teaching people to be better communicators, more aware of themselves and others and more effective in interactions.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is an evidence-based program – proven by years of valid research – assesses an individual’s Behavioral Style and Versatility, then helps individuals and teams apply strategies to effectively and quickly build high-performing relationships and improve performance

SOCIAL STYLE TRAINING is the hallmark of our consulting model. Profiles can be tailored to individuals or groups. Social Style is our “cornerstone” application in profiling short-listed candidates for employment, succession planning, or personal career planning.

® Social Style is a service trademark of Cahners Tracom Group.